JUN 21, 2022

Paytolls has new features!

Vialivre, in partnership with every national toll collection operator (Ascendi, Via Verde and Portvias) has participated in the project to connect the payment portals of all of the operators (Paytolls, Portal Ascendi, Pagamento de portagens and Slora).

Thanks to this connection, user experience has been largely improved, since users can now easily search their total debt in toll fees regardless of the web they are using. Therefore, when users search their debt on any of these websites, the total will be displayed, including the debt that the user has in each one of these operators.

To achieve this goal, a cooperation agreement was made to ensure the interoperability between these portals, with the purpose of solving and improving the customers’ experience. Given the technical complexity of the project, it was divided in two phases:

The first phase is already available, and it allows users to search for their total toll debt in every one of these portals with a single query in one of the portals. Still, the payment of the debt with each one of these operators must be made on the respective portal.

The second phase, which is still being planned, is a lot more ambitious and far more technically complex. It will be an evolution of the previous process, by allowing the settlement of the total toll debt through a single payment performed in any one of the participating portals.

In the current version, users can check if they have any pending debt using one of these portals, and, if there are outstanding tolls, they can settle them immediately but in order to do so they will be forwarded to each of the respective portals where they have pending tolls.

These developments represent a huge progress in the initiative to achieve full interoperability between all collection systems available in the Portuguese highway network, thus representing a major improvement of the overall user experience.

Through the improvements made on Paytolls with this initial phase of the portals’ connection initiative, Vialivre keeps offering its customers in A22 and A22 the best user experience.