No toll notice received

Types of transponder

There are two types of transponder, which we explain below:

  • Transponders: issued by Via Verde Portugal and compulsorily associated to a plate number. A transfer between vehicles is only possible with prior authorization from the issuer (Via Verde).
  • Temporary transponders are not associated with a plate number and guarantee the anonymity of the user. These devices are issued by Correios de Portugal, S.A. [National Postal Service of Portugal].

Payment systems associated with transponders

In automatic payment systems, toll fees are debited directly through the means of payment indicated by the user, usually a debit or credit card, and without any associated administrative fee. Check here.

In the pre-payment modality, the owner will have to make a pre-loading of balance, to which will be discounted the toll fees of the trips made. Check here.

The anonymous prepayment system is the same as the previous one, except that in this one there is no association of the vehicle’s plate number with the transponder, being possible to use it in different vehicles whenever the class of the vehicles is the same as the transponder’s. Check here.

Post-payment (Only available for vehicles with Portuguese plate numbers)

CTT [National Postal Service of Portugal]

If the vehicle does not have a transponder, when travelling on motorways with only electronic toll collection systems you will have to pay for these trips in a post-paid mode. This payment must be made at the counters of the CTT’s or at its online platform or instead at Payshop Agents, according to the deadlines provided in the following table.

Day of the trip Start date for payment Deadline for payment
  (two workin days, 48h after the trip) (Five working days after the start date for payment)
Monday Wednesday Tuesday
Tuesday Thursday Wednesday
Wednesday Viernes Thursday
Thursday Monday Friday
Friday Monday Friday
Saturday Monday Friday
Sunday Tuesday Monday

Consult trips pending of payment on the CTT’s.

Consult here

The payment of the trips through this method implies a cost of € 0,32 per trip, up to a maximum of € 2,56 per act of collection. The values provided by the CTT’s may include several trips of different concessions.

If you don’t pay within the above-mentioned period:

  • Vialivre [a department of a transportation company in Portugal] will send a letter, to notify, the holder of the vehicle’s identification document, to the address in the Vehicle Registration Office database. Through this toll notice, a period of 30 working days is fixed for the user to pay voluntarily the amount of the toll fees and the respective administrative fees (€ 2,21 per trip and without limit) or to identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the administrative offence.
  • If payment of this toll notice is not made within the time limit indicated, this process will proceed to the Tax and Customs Authority, which from that moment on will be responsible for collecting the pending toll and administrative fees.

EasyToll (Only available for foreign plate numbers)

The EasyToll system is an automatic electronic toll payment solution, intended only for vehicles with foreign plate numbers, and only for utilization on motorways with exclusively electronic tolling systems, in which a bank card (Mastercard and Visa) is associated with the vehicle’s plate number and from then on, and during 30 consecutive days, toll fees will be charged directly to the card used for registration.

This service can be subscribed to at the Welcome Points located at the following locations:

At these points the driver, without having to leave the car, must insert a bank card into the payment terminal and the system will automatically associate the vehicle’s plate number with this card.

The setup cost for this service is € 0,74, plus an administrative fee of € 0,32 per trip.

Tollcard (Only available for foreign plate numbers)

Tollcard is a prepaid product, which is only valid on motorways exclusively with electronic tolling systems and for vehicles with foreign plate number, which consists of a pre-loaded card with pre-defined values of €5, €10, €20 or €40) for toll payment. Once activated and associated with the intended plate number it has a validity of 1 year.

For more information check this page.

I want to know the amounts owed to my car

Portuguese plate numbers

If you have not paid the toll fees from your trips using a transponder or plate number payment system, once the deadlines for payment by these systems have expired, Vialivre [a department of transportation in Portugal] will send a toll notice by registered letter with an acknowledgment of receipt to the address used in the vehicle’s registration at the Vehicle Registration Office.

The shortest solution to settle the pending tolls will be through our portal, Paytolls, where you can consult and pay for trips whose deadline for payment at the CTT’s [CTT – National Postal Service of Portugal] has expired.

Or, you can request through this form all pending trips so far and which have not been sent through a toll notice.


Foreign plate numbers

If you didn’t adhere to one of the payment methods intended for foreign plate number vehicles and you have trips in debt you can settle them through our portal, Paytolls.

With toll notices received

I’ve received a toll notice from Vialivre

If you didn’t pay for your trips within the time limits laid down by law for a payment by transponder or by plate number, a post-payment method, you should have received a toll notice by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt.

You have 30 working days from the date of receipt of this letter to voluntarily pay the toll(s) plus administrative fees fixed by law or to identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the administrative offence. Driver Identification Form

Payment for these toll notices may be made in the following ways:

– Through the bank reference provided in the toll notice, at an ATM or via home-banking.

– Through our coercive payment portal, Paytolls.

– At CTT counters [CTT – National Postal Service of Portugal] or stores in the Payshop network

– In our user support offices

– With our enforcement agents, who circulate in characterized vehicles and which are usually in the service areas and other places on the A22 and A28 motorways.

I want to consult all my pending tolls

To request pending toll notices, you should fill in the following form, so that we can quickly provide you with a way of settling any pending amounts.

This request does not include your most recent trips, which have not yet resulted in a toll notice being sent. To consult and pay for these trips, whose payment period on the CTT’s [CTT – National Postal Service of Portugal] has expired, use Paytolls.

I received a toll notice, but there was a change regarding the owner of the car

If you were not the owner of the car at the time of the trips, you can report this situation to with the respective supporting documentation by using one of the following forms. Please do not forget to attach the respective supporting documentation, as per the instructions in each form. Please also note that this procedure is only possible within the first 30 working days after the date of receipt of the toll notice.

If you bought the car after the date of the trip that appears in the toll notice, then you must fill out the following form.

If you sold the car before the date of the trip that appears in the toll notice, then you must complete the following form.

The plate number of the vehicle presented in the toll notice is not the correct one

If you received a toll notice and you do not recognize the plate number, you may have been identified as the driver of that vehicle at the time of the trip. Please check whether you have driven a rental, courtesy or borrowed car in your travel dates.

Alternatively, there may have been a misreading of the license plate by our systems. If you are sure that you did not make this trip, please fill out the following form so that we can analyze the situation and, if the error is verified, we will send the toll notice to the owner of the correct vehicle.

Administrative fees of toll notice

The toll notices include an administrative fee of € 2,21 per trip (VAT included), or € 4,42 per trip (VAT included) if you have been identified as a driver by the registered owner.  These fees are legally determined in Ordinance No. 314-B/2010 of 14 June, as amended.