MAY 25, 2020

Paytolls is a portal for coercive payment of trips made at the Concession of Norte Litoral (A28) or at the Concession of Algarve (A22), which allows in an easy and convenient way, to settle pending toll fees.

Paytolls allows users to consult and pay for trips, through this website.

This portal is designed to facilitate the payment of tolls to users who have not paid their trips through the CTT’s (CTT – National Postal Service of Portugal) on time, and whose toll notice has not yet been received.

In addition, you can pay for toll notices received through this website, where you can settle several notifications in one payment. For this you must have the notification with you in order to be able to check the toll notice number, as well as the amount and plate number.

Now Paytolls also allows the payment of tolls through an ATM reference!