JUN 23, 2020

Satelise is a mobile app that facilitates the toll payment and was first presented in Portugal at the World Tolling Congress, the IBTTA, in October 2019.

This application simplifies the payment of toll fees since it doesn’t require the installation of devices in the vehicles, the only device needed is the mobile phone and the registration in Satelise.

This pilot derives from a joint initiative with Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. and it will only be available for a limited period during 2020 and its results will be essential to test product viability.

How it works?

Very easy. It only requires activating the application before starting the trip and ending the trip once you’ve arrived your destination!

Satelise locates the vehicle and will collect the toll fees from the trips made, in a simple and seamless process.

Where can I use it?

During this pilot it will be limited to the A28 motorway, Norte Litoral.

Download it at:

Be a part of this pilot, join now in www.satelise.pt.