Paytolls is a coercive payment portal that allows you to easily and conveniently settle toll fees due for trips made on the Norte Litoral Concession (A28) and Via do Infante (A22).

This portal is designed to facilitate the payment of toll fees for users who have not paid their trips through the CTT’s post-payment system [National Postal Service of Portugal] within the legal timeframe. On this page you can check and pay the amount due for a license plate.


In addition, you can pay for toll notices already received by postal mail through this portal, where you can settle several toll notices in one payment act. For this you must have the toll notice with you in order to be able to consult the toll notice number, the amount and the plate number.

Pay toll notices

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Make your next journeys easier, use Satelise and don’t worry about paying tolls anymore. Satelise handles it for you!

What is Satelise?

Satelise is app that registers your journeys on the A22 (Algarve) and A28 (Viana do Castelo – Oporto), and allows you to pay the tolls from those journeys with your phone! Billing is processed on a weekly basis and if you register your card (debit/credit/virtual) payments are automatic and if you choose MB or MB Way you will have the information to proceed on your account.

Download the app at:

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