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A new way to pay tolls! Now you can pay for the motorways A22 and A28's toll fees through an app!

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Via Verde Portugal

Via Verde Visitors is a registered account for vehicles with a foreign plate number, where a debit or credit card is associated to a Via Verde transponder.

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Tollcard is a prepaid product, which is only valid on motorways exclusively with electronic tolling systems and for vehicles with foreign plate number, which consists of a pre-loaded card with pre-defined values of €5, €10, €20 or €40) for toll payment. Once activated and associated with the intended plate number it has a validity of 1 year.

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The EasyToll system is an automatic electronic toll payment solution, intended only for vehicles with foreign plate numbers, and only for utilization on motorways with exclusively electronic tolling systems, in which a bank card (Mastercard and Visa) is associated with the vehicle's plate number and from then on, and during 30 consecutive days, toll fees will be charged directly to the card used for registration.

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Paytolls is a coercive payment portal that allows you to easily and conveniently settle toll fees due for trips made on the Norte Litoral Concession (A28) and Via do Infante (A22).

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