Payment methods

Via Verde Portugal

This toll payment system associates to a transponder, to be rented or bought from Via Verde, to a bank account where it automatically debits the tolls.
This system is valid throughout the national motorway network, including barrier and barrier-free toll collection systems.

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CTT’s post-payment system - National Postal Service of Portugal

If the vehicle does not have a transponder, when travelling on motorways with only electronic toll collection systems you will have to pay for these trips in a post-paid mode. This payment must be made at the counters of the CTT’s or at its online platform or instead at Payshop Agents, according to the deadlines provided in the following table.

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Paytolls is a coercive payment portal that allows you to easily and conveniently settle toll fees due for trips made on the Norte Litoral Concession (A28) and Via do Infante (A22).

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