CTT [National Postal Service of Portugal]

If the vehicle does not have an electronic identifier, when travelling on motorways with purely electronic toll collection systems you will have to pay for these journeys in a post-paid mode. This payment must be made at the counters of the CTT’s or its online platform of the CTT or instead to Payshop Agents, which will be available two working days, 48h after the trip until fifteen working days after the start date for payment.

Consult trips pending of payment on the CTT’s.

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The payment of the trips through this method implies a cost of € 0,32 per trip, up to a maximum of € 2,56 per act of collection. The values provided by the CTT’s may include several trips of different concessions.

If you don’t pay within the above-mentioned period:

  • Vialivre [a department of a transportation company in Portugal] will send a letter, to notify, the holder of the vehicle’s identification document, to the address in the Vehicle Registration Office database. Through this toll notice, a period of 30 working days is fixed for the user to pay voluntarily the amount of the toll fees and the respective administrative fees (€ 2,21 per trip and without limit) or to identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the administrative offence.
  • If payment of this toll notice is not made within the time limit indicated, this process will proceed to the Tax and Customs Authority, which from that moment on will be responsible for collecting the pending toll and administrative fees.